PE Stamping

We obtain PE Stamping for our connection designs for various states in US.

Miscellaneous Steel

Stairs, Handrails, Guardrails, Site Rails, Ladders, Enclosure Gates, Trash Gates & Bollards


Grating Layouts and Shop Drawings using Tekla Structures . We also use BIM Modelling and reports are submitted as required

Structural Steel Design

Structural steel and concrete design and analysis in various standards like AISC, BIS

Connection Design

Connection designs as per AISC/BIS Standards

Industrial Piping

Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Piping Detailing. Piping components material take-off including valves and other accessories.

Commercial & Architectural

Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Fire Stations, Churches, Canopies, Residential

Industrial Buildings

Industrial Structures, Bins, Hoppers, Plate Work, Transfer Stations, Platforms.

Conveyors & Hoppers

Belt & Chain Conveyers, Trestles, Conveyer Galleries, Junction Houses & Hoppers and Bins